Hi there! I’m Emily. Rowena is the child who prompted me to start this project.  You can read more about her here.

I am a Postpartum Doula and Moving Forward Maven based in The Woodlands, TX whose mission is to embrace growth and improvement during times of overwhelm and disconnect. I believe in doing what feels like relief so that we can start to feel better. I learned this the hard way, having lived for years with a perinatal mood disorder and mystery illness after the birth of my daughter. After trying many things in hopes of feeling connected to life again, I found that relief came when I moved forward with baby steps instead of sitting in stagnancy. Even now that I am recovered from health struggles, I implement the Moving Forward concept into my life. It is a practice that encourages me to take the next steps towards relief, growth, and joy.

I bring my services to women because I want them to feel better. Regardless of the phase of life you’re in, whether it’s 1 month postpartum or 7 years after the birth of your third child, I want to help you find relief and move forward towards a life of wellness.

Fun Facts

The Ultimate Postpartum Doula: I lived with my sister, her husband, and their three (under 5) children in their 3/1, 1200 sqft house for 9 months during my sister’s postpartum struggle with a perinatal mood disorder. It was one of the most loving phases of my life.

Doesn’t Mind Dancing In Public: Having grown up performing in dance and theater shows, I later moved to New York. I can now be seen making a fool of myself in my daily TRP Moving Forward posts on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therowenaproject/.

Eat to Live: Food has been the number one way my body has found relief and healing during my mystery illness phase. I gladly follow a plant-based way of eating and am a huge advocate for uncovering the truth about food and how it effects our bodies.

A Proud Introvert: I honor people who say no and stay in on a weekend night to snuggle up with a book and a cup of tea.