What is a Moving Forward Maven?

A Moving Forward Maven helps you take the next step out of stagnancy and into a life of more joy. We understand the need for improvement and support your desire for growth. We honor the baby steps that lead to significant change and offer guidance along the way.

As a Moving Forward Maven, I help you make a plan of action. I am your cheerleader who offers both validation of where you’ve been and motivation for further development. I understand that making the shift towards feeling better takes mental and physical energy that you may not have. I am the person telling you that, Yes. You are strong enough for this. You are good enough for this. You deserve to feel better.

I will support you through this process, and we will move forward together.


Self Improvement and Development

  • Come up with an action plan that leads you to the next step of fulfillment that is compatible with your current lifestyle

  • Learn how to set realistic goals for improvement

  • Find connection outside of the house and strategize how to incorporate it into your daily life


Efficient Living for More Ease

  • Learn to simplify possessions and routines; declutter and organize areas of the home

  • Determine which clothes fit and work with your new lifestyle; get rid of or add for more self confidence, more convenience, and a more enjoyable dressing experience

  • Meal plan


Prepare for the Future

  • Strategize the next steps for future development, i.e.: going to work outside of the home, weaning from breastfeeding, changing food choices

  • Learn to incorporate movement into your life

  • Hold space, support, and motivate you during your Rowena Project