Postpartum Doula

As a Postpartum Doula, I provide support after pregnancy and/or the arrival of your baby.  We work together so that you can feel better and live with more ease. My services are available to all caregivers, including adoptive parents and those grieving from infant loss.


Moving Forward Maven

As a Moving Forward Maven, I support your desire for improvement by helping you plan and implement the steps that are needed for healthy change. Together we will determine what you need in the present moment to help ensure your success.  You know where you want to go. I just help you get there.


TRP Moving Forward: A year-long goal of daily movement

In 2018 I gave myself a goal to physically move everyday. I didn’t care how big or small the movement was.  Sometimes it was a small stretch and other times a dance class.  I challenged myself to move everyday, though moving forward doesn't always mean a physical movement.  It is a step, literally or figuratively, that makes your current moment better.  It means making a choice that brings you closer to relief and improvement. For me, it’s these little choices that add up to big change.    


TRP Community Building

TRP Community Building invites individuals to open up and learn about themselves and one another through light movement.  We introduce how using one's body in a healthy, gentle way can increase one's awareness of self and others.  Topics that may be explored in this group setting include but are not limited to: finding relief through dance, listening to your intuition, and using movement as connection. TRP Community Building activities also include babywearing dance classes, Family Dance Parties, and TRP hosted birthday parties.